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About Alamance Cares

We are a program focused on stopping the spread of HIV, other STIs, and hepatitis C through testing, education, and harm reduction in Alamance, Caswell, and Rockingham counties in North Carolina.

We serve everyone! There are no eligibility requirements for our programs, and testing is always free. We welcome people of any age, income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or preference, gender identity, religion, disability, or nation of origin to benefit from our services.

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Our History


1987: The United Way Community Council forms the AIDS Response Coordinating Group in Alamance County to increase community awareness and education surrounding the rapid spread of HIV.


1991: The number of new HIV cases in Alamance county rises rapidly, and so an advisory board is established in August of 1991. The purpose of this board is to establish a comprehensive program to meet the needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in the county.


1992: The program comes to fruition when Alamance Cares is established in February 1992, with the assistance of a start-up grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation and ongoing in-kind support from Alamance Health Services (which would later become Alamance Regional Medical Center in 1995). At this point, Alamance Cares focuses on offering direct services to HIV+ clients and their families, as well as education for the community. The program carries a caseload of between 20-30 HIV+ clients during throughout its first year.


1993-1994: Alamance Cares is formally incorporated as a non-profit in January of 1993. More positions are created and hired through this time, including a Case Manager.  By June of 1994, Alamance Cares has a caseload of between 100-140 clients.


1998-1999: Caseload begins to decline as clients are living healthier lives, thanks to better treatments and supportive cares assistance programs. In Fall of 1998, Alamance Cares partners with HomeCare Providers, a home health agency under Alamance Regional, to provide direct services to people living with HIV. HomeCare Providers takes over HIV case management services for all  clients in the county by May of 1999. This allows Alamance Cares to begin shifting its focus to outreach and education.


2020: As of January, Alamance Cares formally became a department of Alamance Regional Medical Center and dissolved as a separate non-profit. This change allows for more opportunity, support, and stability for Alamance Cares while allowing the organization to continue its operations.